Getaway Ch 17: Claiming the Viking

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Thanks also to Icelander for being such a wonderful source of Icelandic knowledge! The translations are in parenthesis immediately following the Icelandic, by popular demand!


Claiming the Viking

I was pretty sure I had been dreaming, at some point Eric had admitted to me that he wanted me live with him and would give himself a demotion so he could be with me more. No, not a dream. I distinctly remember the mind-numbing feeling of joy. I glanced at the clock, it was 12:02, am or pm? I couldn’t tell. A closer look at the clock indicated it was just after noon. Eric was out cold. I dressed quickly and grabbed my purse. I stopped at the front desk and asked for directions to a jewelry store.

I walked quickly through the light snow and within five minutes, I was standing in front of a beautiful jewelry store. I walked in, and the shopkeeper greeted me. I dug around in my brain until I remembered “Talar þú ensku?” (Do you speak English?) The shopkeeper answered me, “Yes, of course!” He was a tall man, with large hands. Perfect.

“I am looking for a ring, simple, platinum, big.” I said, looking down at his hands.

“For your husband?” He asked in a thick accent.

“Yes.” Well, he was, wasn’t he? “I don’t know his ring size though, I hope you can help me with that.” I glanced down at his hands again.

He offered his hands to me and I touched each of them lightly until I decided I had found a good match. I got a flash from his mind. He was relaxed and thought I was quite pretty, in an American way. He was also becoming aroused from me touching his hands so intimately. If only I could feel that finger somewhere familiar…whoa, depraved much? A week and a half of nonstop mind-blowing sex was starting to scramble my brain. “This seems like the same size.” I said, not making eye contact with him, thank goodness he couldn’t read my mind.

He sorted through the drawers and pulled out a row of beautiful rings in a tidy row. I found one that I loved and he tried it on. It looked even better on!

“Yes, that’s the one I want. Oh, and I’ll need a very long chain.” I said, then added quickly, “Not silver.” He cocked his head at me and thought I was very odd. He pulled out a very long white gold chain. I tried it on and it fell just past the bottom of my breasts. Now, if it only had a clasp on it. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, right? “Could you modify this so it has a clasp?”

“Of course.” He answered, in a proud voice. He was offended I had questioned his abilities as a jeweler. “It will only take me a moment.” He grabbed a clasp, a small wire cutter, an eye loop and set to work. Two minutes later he handed it back to me. I nodded with approval and thanked him. I handed over my credit card and watched him swipe away two weeks salary.

He wrapped them in a bag and thanked me for coming into his store.

“Can I ask you one more thing?” I waited for his answer. He nodded his head gracefully, allowing me to continue. “I need to learn a few Icelandic phrases, will you help me?”

He was more than happy to teach me. I discovered that people were always happy to share their language with others. I thanked him again and headed back to the hotel. I stopped at the café in the lobby and got some coffee and a sandwich. As I ate, I had a hard time holding still, the anticipation was going to kill me, and I still had 3 hours before sunset!

I slipped back into our suite and decided to have a long bath. I still felt excited, but more relaxed. I got dressed in the beautiful red shirt and the sexy black shoes from our shopping day last week. I unwrapped the ring and necklace and put it on over my head, letting it dangle between my breasts. I left the tie on the shirt very loose so there would be plenty to see. I sat back in a chair and read the romance novel I had brought with me for the flight. I hadn’t really needed it then since I had experienced my own ‘burgeoning passion.’ Now it was a welcome distraction as I watched the clock. Finally, the sun was starting to set. I put my book away, then positioned myself in the chair with my feet propped on the dresser. Eric’s eyes opened and he sat up, his feet touching the ground. I smiled at him.

“What are you doing all the way over there, looking so delicious?” He asked me.

“Waiting for you, Lover.” I smirked at him, loving the look he was giving me. An eye fuck was exactly what I wanted. Eric always delivered.

“Well, here I am. Come and get me,” he said playfully mimicking me from days before.

I swung my legs down from the dresser, one at a time. “I have something I want to give you.”

“Believe me when I say I want it. I always want it.” His eyes were heavy and dark.

I walked over to him, frozen on the bed. I stood between his legs and tugged my shirt open just a little more to show him there was nothing under it. He gulped. I turned around slowly for him and felt his hand graze the bottom of my ass. It took everything I had not to lean into him. As I continued to turn, his hand followed the same line across my body, ending in the soft curls between my legs. I leaned towards him, he was definitely working his magic on me and now I couldn’t resist. He reached up with his free hand and pulled the shirt open roughly on one side, and sighed as my breast bounced in front of his face. His cool tongue traced the edge of my nipple. He lunged forward and sucked it into his mouth. I arched into him. His finger was making languid circles around my slit, barely dipping into me. The shallow movement of his finger and the sucking were making me weak in the knees. I was whimpering. “Þóknast” (Please) I moaned into his hair. He pulled away from me and pulled the shirt open the rest of the way and pushed it off my shoulders in one swift movement. He noticed the necklace for the first time. He licked my breasts and lifted the chain with his tongue, following it all the way down to the ring. “Is this for me, Lover?”

“It’s all for you.” I breathed.

He set to work, sucking and licking on my other nipple, still teasing my slit. His free hand was busy caressing my ass. My body was being touched in so many places I couldn’t decide which way to move, I became pliable in his hands.

I screamed when his finger finally pushed inside me, rocking me back and forth on my unsteady feet. His hands were working together, one stroking and spreading my ass, the other pushing in and out of me. His long fingers caressed the sensitive skin just beyond my pussy. As the finger inside me explored my magic button, the other fingers pushed and prodded, finding access of their own. My body tensed as he pulled his finger out of my pussy and pushed it slowly inside my ass. I screamed again, this time quivering around him with an orgasm that came so fast I could not have prepared for it. He had a naughty smile on his face, which, combined with the satisfied smirk made him look more charming than usual. I finally stopped shaking and leaned against him. I did not trust my legs right now

I unhooked the necklace and pulled the ring into my hand. I sat down on his legs, looked him in the eyes and whispered, “Með þínu leyfi.” (With your permission.) I held my hand out to him, offering the ring. He took it from me and put it on his finger, looking pleased. “Yes. Always.” He answered. He tried to pull me into a kiss. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” I clicked at him with my tongue. I sat up straight, kneeling on either side of his lap, straddling him. I said, “Segðu mér núna, að þú sért minn.” (Now say, ‘I am yours.’) His eyes widened with surprise.

“Ég er þinn.” (I am yours.) He whispered, inches from my face.

I lowered onto his glistening cock loving the fullness as he stretched me. “Ég elska þig, eiginmaður,” (I love you, husband) I whispered against his neck.

“Ég elska þig, eiginkona,” (I love you, wife) he whispered right back.

I licked his neck and bit into the skin until my mouth filled with his thick sticky blood. He roared and bit my shoulder. Our bodies shaking violently, we held onto each other and rode out the waves of pleasure and pain. The first of many we shared for the night.


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12 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 17: Claiming the Viking

  1. Mindy says:

    Incredible chapter, I love that Sookie bought Eric a ring. I really enjoyed how they declared their love as husband and wife.


  2. romantic2soul says:

    Beautiful chapter. I think Sookie has finally grown up at the tender age of 28.


  3. Vilannh says:

    I guess I asked to soon lol. I am so glad that she is accepting him as her husband. Yay they are truly husband and wife.


  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Aww, what a great surprise for him. I’m sure he loves to be claimed by her!


  5. shoegirl01 says:

    Whew! Now that’s how you claim the Viking! 🙂


  6. Tree says:

    That was lovely! She got her man a ring and then gave it to him. Awwww…


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