Getaway Ch 16: Times, They Are a Changin’

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Sweetness mixed with one hot room. I hope you love it.


Times, They Are a Changin’

We both woke up just as the sun was setting. I hugged him and he realized that he was naked. “Did you take my clothes off?” I nodded. “Thank you.” He said as he returned the hug.

“Do we really have to go home?” I asked for the second time. “I am afraid that if we do I’ll lose you.” My eyes welled with tears.

“It doesn’t have to be like it was before.” He said. I gestured for him to explain, making frantic movements with my hands. His eyes trailed away from mine and he added very quietly, “I have already offered my house to you…..I don’t know why I’m bringing this up again since you have already turned me down.”

“It just brings up the same questions. How would that work for me? My whole life is in Bon Temps!”

“Is it?” He demanded, his voice defensive.

“Y…..” I couldn’t finish. Is my life in Bon Temps? My house is there, my job, my family, my friends. If I really looked at it, Sam and Tara were the only friends I had. Things were always on the verge of complication with Sam, and Tara had moved on and had her own life now, husband, kids, the whole works. My brother seemed like he was finally in a good place, he worked, had a steady girlfriend, had his own house. I rarely saw him. My fairy kin would be fine on their own and had spent enough of their lives looking out for me. Work, was…..well it was work. I could work anywhere and make money. I may not have a good boss like Sam, but waitress jobs were the same no matter where you were. Here I was, day in day out, working my guts out, trying to keep my head above water. For what? So I could live alone in a big old house and never see my boyfriend? So I could go to work and have people I’ve known my whole life judge me and try to grab my ass after a few too many beers? So I could see Bill Compton and be reminded of everything we had been through? I suddenly felt pathetic. I had spent 28 years in one place trying to make a life for myself, only to realize that it wasn’t much of a life.

How long had I been thinking? Eric was staring at me, the anger in his face had dissipated. He was waiting for me to finish whatever debate was raging in my head so I would answer him.

“I guess it’s not.” I confessed. “I would be happy if my life were with you.”

His body relaxed and a smile played across his lips, “Then it’s settled.” It was a very absolute statement. “I am certain that we can take care of all the details, together.” He added, pulling me into another hug. I pressed my body against him and knew he was right. My life is with him now, and admitting that made me feel happy. For the past week and a half I had been holding back, knowing that this vacation would end and I would go back to my life filled with drama and lonely nights. Knowing that it didn’t have to be that way was very freeing. I sighed and released the tension I had been harboring.

He sat up and said, “Come with me, I have the perfect place for us to unwind.” He stopped in the kitchenette and grabbed an ice bucket, which he filled with water. What was that for? I followed him into the bathroom, curiously watching him. He opened the door to the small room lined with wood.

“I meant to ask you about this.” I said, questioningly.

“It’s a sauna. You mean you have never been in one before?” I shook my head. He smiled.

He turned the knob and waited for the rocks to heat up. He cupped his hands and scooped water from the ice bucket and poured it over the rocks. They sizzled and filled the room with steam. The smell was amazing! Earthy, dry, salty and spicy. “This room smells like you!” I said. He laughed quietly. I inhaled deeply and committed this moment to memory. I felt like I had uncovered a secret about him. We sat together, enjoying the heat and quiet of the room. He stretched out on a bench near the rocks so he could add water occasionally. I lounged on a bench across from him. The heat was glorious, I felt like a lizard basking in the desert.

I was sweating. “I think I need to cool off.” I said as I started panting, and gasped as Eric flicked water at me, which was immediately swept away by the heat. We both sat up, ready for a fight. “Oh, is that how it’s going to be?” I leapt off my bench and plunged my hand in the water and flipped my wrist at his face, covering him with a splatter of water. He feigned shock, and pulled me onto his lap.

Now it was my turn to gasp again, he was hot. He dipped his hand in the water and stroked my back, sending a cold shiver up and a warm melty feeling down my spine. I wetted my hand and let it drip between us, he hissed as the cold water coated his hard cock. He retuned the favor by painting my breasts with water, the heat evaporating it immediately, covering my skin with delicious goose bumps. He reached over and turned the heat off. The room was about to get hot without the rocks. He cupped his free hand and scooped more water, and poured it between my breasts. The water cascaded down my body, adding to the wetness already forming between my legs. I held on to his shoulders and curved my back away from him so I could tease his dick with my wet lips. He reached between us and pushed his cock against me, stroking my clit with the tip. I moaned and inhaled a deep lung-full of hot air. I felt light headed. I lifted my hips and impaled myself on him. The heat surrounded me again, taking my breath away as I moved. I felt dizzy. I closed my eyes trying to shake it off. My eyes snapped open as he poured a handful of water over my head. My hair was soaked and cooled my whole body instantly. I sat up and crushed my body into his, whipping his neck with my wet hair. He arched into me as the cold water trickled down his back. He lifted my hips and pushed into me at the same moment that he slammed me down on him, forcing the air out of my body. Before I could breath, he did it again and again. I clawed at his back. I felt like coughing with every inhalation of the hot air, my breathing was ragged, being forced out of me every time he pushed in. With the next thrust, my orgasm shot through me and a hoarse scream escaped through my lips. I held onto him tightly, riding out the ripples of pleasure.

“I’m having a hard time moving pinned against this bench.” He said as he stood up, me wrapped around him. He pulled my arms off, then lifted my body off of him, I whined and was about the complain when he put me down facing away from him, and held my hips steady with one hand while the other pushed my shoulders and back down. I braced myself on the bench in front of me. He dipped his fingers in the water and sprinkled it over my back before making their way to the inside of my leg, I relaxed against him and spread my legs a little more. That is what he was waiting for. His fingers trailed up my swollen pussy lips sending a shiver through my body. Before I could recover from the sensation, he was in me again, much deeper than before. He held on to my hips with his hands and fucked me at a bruising pace. He was mumbling something, and the mixture of his voice and the growling noises he was punctuating his thrusts with was enough to make my body shake with another blissful climax. As I quivered around him, he lost control and shot into me.

He reached over and opened the door. I was gasping for air, feeling much more steady with each breath. The air felt cold and sent shivers through my whole body, which Eric thoroughly enjoyed as I moved against him. “You keep that up and I will be forced to bend you over that bench again.” He said as his hands traced lazy circles over my back. I could feel him getting hard inside me again. I pulled away from him and made a run for it. “You’ll have to catch me first!” I shouted over my shoulder, and dove for the bed.

“I love watching you run,” He said as he sauntered out of the bathroom, “almost as much as I enjoy catching you.” He was on me again, but much softer this time. Kissing my face and neck, licking and nipping me with his teeth as he went. He wedged his body between my legs and I felt his hard on pushing against my leg. He pushed one of my legs up next to my side and slid into me with one fluid movement. We moved together slowly, until we were both shaking with mind-blowing release.

“I think you bruised me in there.” I said, reaching down to touch the tender spots on my hips. “Recreational hazard, I suppose.” I smiled at him.

He caressed my hips gently, “Do you want me to help you heal?” He asked, bringing his wrist to his mouth. I shook my head.

“I’ll be fine. That was amazing, and well worth a few bruises. Besides I don’t think I’ll be able to have sex again so soon.” I added.

“You know me so well.” He grinned at me. “Later then. Why don’t we shower then go out and get you something to eat?”

It was a wonderful idea. We dressed and went out. We stayed at the restaurant for hours, talking about the changes ahead of us.

“What about my house? It would kill me to sell it, my family has been in that house for over a century!” That was the one problem I couldn’t find a happy solution to. After a few minutes of mulling it over, I had a brilliant idea. “Tara and her family can live there.” Now I was excited, the house would be full of life, especially with two kids soon to be running around. I knew that they couldn’t afford to rent such a big place, but since it belonged to me, all they would have to pay for were the utilities and taxes. I wouldn’t have to sell my house, and I also wouldn’t have to worry about it sitting empty either.

“When we get home, I think you should discuss the idea with her.” He was happy to have that sorted out, but his face was creased with thought. “I want to tell you something that I have been thinking about.”

He certainly had my attention. I couldn’t have predicted what he would say next.

“My position demands much of my time. Time that I would rather be spending with you. When we get home, I need to talk to Pam to see how she would feel about replacing me as Sheriff of Area 5.” My jaw dropped. I couldn’t speak. He continued, “She would be an excellent choice, the king would most likely allow it, and she would be sure to keep Victor on his toes.” I stared at him with happiness in my eyes, waiting for him to finish. “She and I would still share ownership of Fangtasia, and I would still owe my fealty to the king, but I would have a lot more freedom.”

“I love you Eric Northman.” I finally said. “You would do all of that for me?” I asked, hopefully.

“You act as though you are not worthy of my attention! You most certainly are, and I am ready to change my life with you. Why should you be the only one to compromise?” He was so damn rational and calm, and I was doing cartwheels in my mind.

If he had been thinking this over, he would have considered all of the consequences of the change, and I was not about to talk him out of it.


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. Oh to finally get them to commit to each other. I dream of it, and now I can think of it as reality. I hope you like my alternate reality. Please review if you do!

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8 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 16: Times, They Are a Changin’

  1. Mindy says:

    Amazing, I am so happy. They are opening up to each other fully. I am so glad she realizes her life is with Eric. I am blown away that Eric would give up is position. Enjoying the story.


  2. Vilannh says:

    Yay their actually making plans to have a life together and all it took was an awesome vacation so Sookie could see what she was missing not being around him everyday. I did notice though that she called him her boyfriend was that a mistake or is she still denying him as her husband? Either way still loving it.


  3. Tree says:

    Finally! That damn house in that damn town – I got so sick of how they made her tied to them in SVM and in TB. I mean, what the hell? She’s not a Windsor or anything, where you are truly tied to ancestral property. I always felt like Sookie deserved to grow up and be her own self. I like how you let Tara and her family slide into the Stackhouse home. Win win!


    • Thanks! I thought it was a no-brainer for sure. Tara needs a place, Sookie should be living with Eric. Easy Peasy. I try as often as possible to give Sookie a fresh start away from her ancestral home! Thank you again for reviewing! They’re so much fun to read!


  4. sharonsanchez14 says:

    This is how the books should have gone


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