Getaway Ch 14: Her Daily Quota

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Wow, I had no idea how much you would love Chapter 13. Especially my FanFic Girls (teewhy1977), SeriousCrush, Modiggy, sexyalex, Whew Hot Blooded, and of course levebreaks. You asked for it, so here’s more. If you didn’t care of Chapter 13, skip this one. You have been warned. Again.


Her Daily Quota

I woke several hours later to a tugging sensation, centered in my lower body. I opened my sleepy eyes to see a very eager Viking looming over me, eyes dark with blood lust. He was stroking my swollen lips, urging me to open myself to him. I closed my eyes and sighed, what a wonderful way to wake up. When I opened my eyes again, all I could see was the top of his head, blonde hair flowing over my legs. My body surged as his tongue first made contact. Eric was making a variety of delicious noises, which only added to the already forming tightness claiming my body. He was holding on and suckling and licking at a furious pace, his body was rocking in time with his tongue, trying to get enough friction to satisfy his dick. His ass was rippling with muscles as he thrust his hips into the bed. It was so amazingly hot from this view. Power swept through me, accompanied by a toe-curling explosion of nerves. I screamed. He moaned, sucked harder and quivered against me.

“Who knew you would be so easy.” I said to him, after my voice returned. Now it was my turn to be smug.

“I feel like I could die again.” He mumbled into my leg.

“Oh, please don’t do that. How would I get my daily quota of twenty orgasms?” I joked. “I suppose I would also miss your winning smile, sharp wit, stunning ass…..” I trailed off, pushing myself up to get another look. “Yes, I would definitely miss that.” I flopped back down on the bed, making my breasts bounce.

“I’m sorry I have neglected the rest of you.” He said gently as he reached a hand up to stroke my breasts tenderly. “I have never been so consumed by blood lust before. I lose myself in you.”

“Please don’t apologize. You have given me more pleasure in the last 24 hours than I was sure I could handle!” I smiled down at him, and my stomach growled. “As much as I would like to survive on orgasms, I am starving. So if you want to continue your all-you-can-eat Sookie buffet, I need to eat before I pass out.”

He jumped up as if he had been struck by lightening, picked up the phone and ordered something without even asking me. I guess I would be surprised. He walked over and opened the blinds and curtains again, then brought me a robe to cover myself up as he had already done.

There was a quiet knock on the door, and the smell of the food on the cart made my stomach growl again. I propped myself up on my elbows getting ready to eat in bed. The change in position and pull of gravity started another slide of blood out of me. Eric whipped his head around, looked down my body, pupils dilating, mumbled “Takk fyrir” (Thank you) and rushed the poor woman out of the room so fast she tripped over the threshold. I had to cover my mouth to stifle a giggle. He threw himself on the bed, unwrapping my robe impatiently. I was willing to wait to eat for another minute, especially if he kept doing that! He sucked me off, leaving me breathless and shaking again.

“Thank you for letting me eat first.” He said, as he licked his lips then wiped his mouth. “You stay right there and I’ll bring the food to you.”

He placed the tray of food next to me, propped up the pillows behind me so I was sitting, then arranged a napkin across my chest, smoothing it over my nipples a few times, while smiling lasciviously. I smacked his hand away as it trailed down my body, I was starting to get light-headed! I checked the food, a salmon and egg sandwich (ok, that’s weird, but oddly appealing), and bowl of soup and a small bowl of rice pudding.

The entire meal was delicious, and I devoured it within minutes.

“Thank you for ordering that food for me, it was delicious!” I said looking at Eric. He was sitting in a chair near the end of the bed, staring over at me while I ate.

“I can see that! I have never seen you eat so quickly!” He teased. “Your hunger rivaled mine!”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s possible. If you could’ve seen the look in your eyes when you pushed that poor woman out of our room, you would know what hunger looks like. You looked predatory! I don’t think she’ll volunteer to bring us room service any time soon! I was even afraid for my life for a minute…..well until you started licking and sucking and moaning.” I finished, emphasizing each word by stroking the inside of my legs. “Are you going to eat me again, scary vampire?” I said in a tiny seductive voice.

“I thought this time I would fuck you, if you think you are up for it.” He stood up and stalked towards the bed, standing at the foot of the bed staring down at me. I nodded.

He unwrapped the belt of his robe and let it fall to either side. He held the robe shut and rubbed his hand on the bulge waiting to be free. My eyes were glued to his hands, and I found myself panting at the thought of what was to come. I gulped loudly as he started shrugging his shoulders out. I motioned with my finger for him to turn around. Slowly, he rotated until his back was to me and as he let the robe slide off his body I realized I was holding my breath. I inhaled deeply and let out a shaky breath. He spread his legs and pushed his hands down to cup his own ass. Oh. My. He smirked at me over his shoulder. “Come and get me.” I whispered hoarsely.

He was on me within seconds, kissing his way down my body. He sucked and licked my wet lips again, then kissed my clit. He grunted in frustration and reached his hands up to pull me harder against him, my hair left a trail of gold across the pillows as he tugged me farther down the bed, closer to him. He seemed to be satisfied, a sigh brushed against my skin and the coolness of his breath sent shivers up my body. He positioned his cold hard dick against my slick opening. My eyes rolled, “Yes! Please fuck me, I need you!” I choked as he pushed into me. He sighed with me as he started pounding into me. He bent my legs until they were on either side of my chest, and leaned over me so he could lick my nipples, and when he sucked one into his mouth, I moaned and came with tiny shudders.

He pulled out of me, ripping a cry of protest from my throat. Then he was on me with that talented mouth again, drinking the reward of my orgasm. He sat up, kneeling in front of me looking rosier, and twisted my hips so both of my legs curled around his side as he pushed back into me and continued to fuck me senseless. The new position brought with it a breathtaking new orgasm. He had resisted the temptation to cum during his mid-sex snack and lost control when he looked down to see himself covered with the pink smear of blood. His body shook violently as he leaned heavily against me succumbing to the aftershocks of his own orgasm.

When he got his legs working again, he wrapped my legs around him and picked up my limp warm body and carried me to the shower. He turned the water on and pulled out of me, leaving us both quivering at the sudden loss. I slumped against the wall under the stream of warm water and worried that I would melt away. He washed us both and I marveled at how hard and soft he could be.

We spent the night, our final night in Akureyri, in bed watching the lights in the sky, caressing and kissing, Eric giving in to his blood lust when the opportunity arose. We were planning to leave early in the morning, so we could travel safely to our hotel in Reykjavík before sunrise. The last few days had been eye opening for both of us. I had become more comfortable with my body, and Eric had admitted that he had never desired someone as much as me. It had been quite a vacation.


Writing this has been one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done to build my self-esteem. Apparently I do have something to share with the world. Smut.

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13 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 14: Her Daily Quota

  1. Mindy says:

    I liked that Eric admitted that he had never desired anyone as much as Sookie. I am so proud of Sookie for opening up and letting loose.


  2. theladykt says:

    yummy hotel time. Glad Sookie is being so open and free with him


  3. Vilannh says:

    That is an awesome daily quota to have…lol


  4. […] On to Getaway Ch 14: Her Daily Quota […]


  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Your author’s note at the end made me laugh. Your offering of smut is well received but I’m sure you have a lot more to offer. 🙂
    Another hot chapter. The mental picture of Eric humping his mattress was very nice inside my head. MMM.


    • LOL I also love the image of a Viking getting it on with his mattress. 🙂 There are things I offer the world, it’s true, but writing smut is the most rewarding by far. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the hotness. Thanks for reviewing!


  6. Blueeyes says:

    Loved these last 2 chapters 🙂


    • I never could understand why I hadn’t ever come across a scene like this in ALL the vampire books I’ve read. I mean, come on, you’re telling me a blood-thirsty vamp would be able to resist? Nope. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  7. MsVamp says:

    Recently discovered your site-really enjoying your stories. True Blood shoulda hired you as a writer! Great work 🙂


    • Awww, I’m blushing over here!! Thanks for the love for my writing! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my stories and have forgiven my little mistakes here and there. Sometimes I wonder why TB went the direction it went, but if I were a writer on the show, there’d be a lot more Askas nude scenes. 😉 Thanks so much for reviewing and flattering me. I hope you enjoy the others too!


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