Getaway Ch 10: I Am Yours

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This story is a shameless plug for one of my other stories, Hidey Hole. If you haven’t read it, you should. Of course I would say that, I want you to spend as much time shaking with lust over Eric as I do! Thanks to Icelander for her help with all the translations!


I Am Yours

I woke up a little after 10, the next day. Eric had been gone at some point and was back with a pile of clean and folded clothes. I said, “Good Morning!” and he went over the kitchenette and brought me a tray of food he had prepared for me while I was sleeping. He really was taking care of everything on this trip, especially me. I thanked him and started eating while he sat on the edge of the bed. I looked over at the pile of clothes and noticed that some of them were mine. “You do laundry AND breakfast in bed? You’re the best husband ever!”

“I’m glad you think so. It is my pleasure to take care of you. It has been a long time since I’ve prepared food for anyone, but I hoped that I would be able to slice bread and fruit without any problem.” He added skeptically, waiting for me to assure him.

“It’s yummy, probably even more so since I didn’t have to fix it myself.” I said as I took a bite of apple. “Can you help me learn a little Icelandic? I would really like to be able to say Please and Thank you and other helpful sayings for while we are here.”

“I would be happy to instruct you.” Eric said. “Would you like to go to a dance club tonight? I asked around while you were sleeping and found one that is popular. It opens at midnight.”

“Mmm.” I nodded, finishing the last of my breakfast. “I can’t wait to wear that gray dress again. For some reason I feel quite sexy in it.”

“You should feel sexy in everything, you are like a goddess. In fact, I’m planning on building my own temple to worship you.” He added playfully. I hit his arm and gave him a look that stopped him from saying more. I have always had a hard time taking compliments and this was no different. Changing subjects, he said “Are you ready for your lesson?” I nodded, cleared my tray and came back to the bed.

“Hello. Halló.”

I repeated it. That was easy.

“Good morning. Góðan daginn”

“Good evening. Gott kvöld”

“Thank you very much. Takk fyrir”

“Please. Gerðu það.”

I repeated after him, and he quizzed me a little to make sure I had them straight. He was pleased by my pronunciation, and asked, “What else do you want to learn?”

“Where is the bathroom? Do you speak English?” I said.

“Where is the bathroom? Hvar er baðherbergið?”

“Do you speak English? Talar þú ensku?”

I said them several times, until I felt comfortable with the sounds in my mouth. We tried a little conversation back and forth, him testing me. After feeling I had mastered the few sayings and greetings, he asked if there was anything else. His face looked tired and I glanced at the clock. It was already after 11, the sun would rise soon. Taking advantage of an opportunity to tease him, I said, “Could you tell me how to say, ‘Harder, yes, fuck me harder’?”

He stared at me, thought for a minute then said softly, “Fastar, já, ríddu mér fastar .”

I repeated the phrase, emphasizing ‘ríddu mér’ each time I said it. “I think I might use that one the most.” I said in my most demure voice. “What about, ‘I need you now’ and ‘Bite me.’” I batted my eyelashes at him.

“Ég þarf að fá þig núna.” He gulped, then said, “Bittu mig.” He was staring at my neck now, and as I repeated those two phrases, his eyes clouded with desire.

“I think that covers all the bases. Thanks!” I kissed him on the cheek and stood up. I loved to taunt him. He looked pitiful, waiting for me to do something. Pretending not to notice the giant bulge in his pants, I said, “Wow, look at the time, I guess you’ll be turning in soon.” He scowled at me, and I couldn’t help but smile at him as he said, “I’m sure you will make it up to me later.” Not so much a statement as it was a demand.

“Make what up to you?” I could play a dumb blonde when I wanted to. “Sweet dreams, I’ll see you in a few hours.” He leaned back and closed his eyes, reluctantly giving in to sleep.

I decided to have a bath/shower. I managed to prop the showerhead in a luggage rack that I put on the edge of the tub. Sitting in the tub I was the perfect height, and only struggled a little to rinse myself off completely. After I got dressed, I made myself busy rearranging my clothes, incorporating the ones Eric had washed and folded for me. I grabbed the remote and flipped channels on the TV for a while. I was restless, so I decided to go for a walk. I grabbed a room key and decided to explore the hotel.

I’m not sure how many of the rooms were occupied, but at this time of day it was very quiet. I took the elevator down to the lobby and walked around. There was a small café and bookstore. There were a few magazines in English, but they were European. The gossip would not make much sense to me. I ordered a small coffee and pastry, which I could charge to our room with a swipe of my card key, and sat there by myself while I enjoyed the delicious treat. I scanned the lobby. The same woman who had been working the front desk when we checked in was there now. I got up and walked over to her. She looked up at me and smiled. “Are you enjoying your stay, Mrs. Northman?” Impressive, she remembered my name, well, Eric’s name, which was kind of my name. In any case it was impressive. “I certainly am.” I replied with a happy smile. Suddenly a few sexy images of Eric popped into my head, projected by her. She was a visual broadcaster, it had been days since I had been forced to keep out unwanted thoughts, my guard was down. I couldn’t blame her for fantasizing about Eric. He is perfect eye candy. The smile on her face had faded a little as she was waiting for me to do or say something. I snapped out of it and leaned towards her and said, “My husband is teaching me a few Icelandic phrases, and I would love to surprise him with one that he won’t be expecting me to use. Would you mind helping me?”

She was happy to oblige. I had distracted her during the most boring time of her job, being stationed at the desk of a vampire hotel during daylight.

“I want to be able to say, ‘I am yours’.” I smiled nervously at her, as if she knew how I would use it.

“Ég er þín,” she said slowly to me, emphasizing each word. I repeated it back to her. “Perfect! He will be sure to be impressed.”

I mumbled it again several times and thanked her. I went back to our room, checked the clock, it was 3:15. I brushed my teeth and undressed. I tied my hair loosely at my neck with a black ribbon and pulled on my new black shoes.

I walked unsteadily over to the bed and looked down at Eric. He looked very sexy, and very dead. Not for long. I unbuttoned his pants and with great effort I managed to pull them off of his feet. He was a big man and that much dead weight tested my strength. I had to catch my breath before getting on with the task at hand. Pun intended.

I stroked him through his boxers and realized he was already hard. Or was it still hard? I’m not sure how it all works, but boy was I glad. I tugged his boxers off much easier and there he was, naked from the waist down, dick pointing toward him. I leaned over him and sucked the head into my mouth. He didn’t move. I sucked and licked the whole length of him until I got impatient. I swung a leg over his body so I was facing him and used his cock to rub my clit. I set my own pace, the only hunger I had to account for was my own. I teased myself over and over, until my pussy was swollen and aching in anticipation. I placed his cock at my wet slit and pushed down, I paused, enjoying the deliciously full sensation. I propped myself up on his chest, and gently rocked back and forth. I was determined to make this last. I closed my eyes and imagined him waking up, grabbing my hips, licking my breasts, moaning my name. I came, shaking against him. I looked down and he was still in shut-down mode. I lifted off of him, turned around and pushed him back inside me, and leaned back so my ass pressed against his hips and my hair brushed his chest. My arms supported my body on either side of his, and I swiveled my hips to increase the contact. I reached a hand down between my legs and stroked my clit, building up to another orgasm. His hips came to life and lifted to meet my thrust as his fingers reached around my hips to force me down on him harder, “I love when you wake me up this way!” He said between clenched teeth. Rising to meet each thrust, a mini tremor ran through me. I was so close….again. “Fastar, já, ríddu mér fastar.” (Harder, yes, fuck me harder.) I breathed. “Ríddu mér. Fastar.” (Fuck me. Harder.) He sat up and grabbing my breasts, he pulled my body firmly against his chest. Fulfilling my demands, he fucked me hard and when I was nearly out of breath I whispered “Ég er þín.” (I am yours.) He was undone. He bit into my shoulder and as I came for the second time, he fucked me with a fervor I had not experienced, he shuddered, swelled and came, holding me tightly against him.

I made a whimpering gasping noise and he loosened his grip on me so I could breathe. “That was even better than I had hoped for.” I smiled to myself.

“That was the sexiest thing you have ever said.” He pulled me down to lay with him. I pulled away from him and turned so I was facing him.

“I’m glad I could surprise you.” I kissed him, licking his lips lightly when I pulled away.

“You destabilize me.” He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent around us and pulled me against him again. I nuzzled his chest and enjoyed the next few hours of talking and caressing before we left for the dance club.


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12 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 10: I Am Yours

  1. Mindy says:

    I know Eric liked his wake up call. Sookie is one lucky girl. They are lucky to have each other.


  2. theladykt says:

    Go Sookie. Stake your claim.


  3. romantic2soul says:

    In the South we have a common greeting “Ya’ll come on in and help yourself Ya Hear” Sookie is definitely from the south.


  4. Vilannh says:

    So fun that she is learning to get him going in other language. Still loving it


  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh, a Viking sex toy always at the ready!
    (as you will notice, it takes me forever to go through a story, because I read a little here and there between writing, so until next time- thanks for the great fic!)


    • I’m a greedy reader, so I tend to blow through stories super fast. Of course, now that I know how long it takes a writer to write the story it took me five hours to read, I feel a little guilty, but I think it also means that it’s a sign that it’s really well written.

      Getaway was my first attempt at a multi-chapter story, and I know it’s FULL of holes and mistakes and issues that make me cringe, but that’s where I was four years ago when I wrote it, so I don’t really want to change it. I’m just glad you’re willing to look past the issues and read and review anyway! 🙂


  6. shoegirl01 says:

    Now taht was a wakeup call!


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