Confetti: Chapter 3

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

This chapter is definitely NOT work friendly. You have been warned….

I have been thinking about the direction of my story after receiving a review that implied I was moving too fast. I am impatient by nature, and assume that some of you are as well, which is why I jumped right into the heat of the story right off the bat. If more of you happen to feel like I am turning Sookie into a slut/whore/skank I am terribly sorry and will be sad to lose you as readers/reviewers. To me, there is nothing hotter than young love; insatiable, out of control, and all-consuming young love. Especially being consumed by love with the Viking.

I read and reply to every review.

My editor is amazing. She constantly encourages my dirty mind and always makes time for me despite her real life, which is incredibly busy right now. SeriousCrush, I cannot thank you enough.




Chapter 3

Eric pulled the car silently into the garage connected to his house, inside the gated community where he lived. He got out of the car, moving in a blur of white and black to open my door and help me out. His hands were strong, sure and possessive, guiding me through the door into his house, down a short hallway and into a beautiful living room.

“It’s so beautiful!” I gasped as I took in the pretty dark wood and rich colors that decorated the open space of the room. While I admired the couches, Eric disappeared for a minute to another room, and while he was gone I muttered to myself. “I can’t believe I went home with a stranger. This is just like the stories I hear about on the news. I could end up dead!” My behavior was definitely shocking me, and what was more, I couldn’t imagine telling him no.

Eric’s voice snapped me out of my internal dialogue, and said, “You think it’s strange to go home with someone you don’t know? I have never invited a human woman to my house. In a matter of hours, you have gotten under my skin, and suddenly I’m breaking all of my own rules.” He was shaking his head, not believing the situation either.

“Now….where was I?” Eric moved towards me, trailing his hands up my legs, lifting my skirt and finding my swollen clit through my panties. My legs shook and threatened to collapse under me. Eric scooped me up and sat me down on the nearest couch, wedging his body between my legs. His fingers worked quickly to untie the boots wrapped around my ankles, and then worked on his shoes, depositing them on the ground.

I twisted my arm behind my back and pulled the zipper down, letting the dress relax around me. I clutched it against my breasts, nervous to make any more moves. I had never undressed in front of a man before.

Eric sensed my hesitation and put a large hand over mine, willing me to relax my grip. I did, and the crimson satin slipped down the slope of my breasts, exposing my nipples. His hand moved to caress me, expertly massaging my nipples until they were impossibly hard. He moaned and brought his face between my breasts, breathing in and licking my skin. He took turns sucking my nipples into his mouth, scrapping my sensitive skin with his fangs, careful not to cut me. My whole body tingled and wanted more. I opened my legs farther, letting him get closer to me. He pressed against me, his hands running impatiently over the bunch of fabric around my waist.

Eric sat back on his heels and pulled me up to a standing position. I held the dress in place, nervous to let him see me. He shrugged his shoulders out of his shirt, letting it fall to the floor behind him. Following his lead, I let the dress fall. He gasped as he took in the sight of my sleek tanned body covered only with a pair of black panties. Spending the last two months swimming every day had been very good for my figure.

I twisted my hands nervously, unsure about where to put them. Eric reached up and traced the swell of my hips, dragging my panties down with his fingers. His eyes were asking my permission and every fiber of my being granted it. I stood in front of him, completely naked.

“You are so beautiful. So untouched…” as he said that, he touched me. His eyes gleamed with the pride that comes from discovering something new, and the prospect of conquering.

I sat back down on the couch and bit my lip, waiting for his next move. He turned my body, and nudged my shoulder until I was sprawled across the couch, one leg on the edge of the couch, the other held between his hands. He moved forward and kissed the length of my inner thigh, across my swollen sex and down the inside of my other thigh. My body moved in response to his touch, trying to get closer. Eric brought his mouth back to the center and pushed his tongue experimentally between the folds of skin. Our bodies shuddered together, and then I spasmed as he sucked on my clit. My first orgasm hit me hard and fast, stealing the breath from my lungs and sending shooting flashes of light across the inside of my closed eyelids. Eric’s mouth moved down, drinking from me.

“So deliciously wet…” he mumbled against my skin as he drank. Hearing him speak only turned me on more, making me incoherent, my tongue going numb from the rush of endorphins and hormones.

“Are you ready for more?” His eyes flickered between my face and my pussy, watching and waiting. Still unable to speak, I held my breath and nodded. At the thought of pain, I tensed my body. “Relax…”

When his mouth settled back over my clit, my body became a puddle on the couch. He definitely knew how to get me to relax. His long cool finger joined his mouth, pushing and probing my slick opening, finding entrance and setting a rhythm. His finger pumped inside me, shallow at first, then a little deeper, and then he was pushing against the tight barrier inside me. His finger stilled and his mouth moved faster and faster, sucking, licking and rubbing my clit. At the exact moment my second orgasm exploded through my body, Eric pushed his finger deep inside me, past the constricting muscles, puncturing the taut skin, mixing pleasure with pain. I cried out, my whole body tensing, and then I collapsed against the couch.

He pulled his finger out, past the raw opening, setting my nerves on fire. I winced and squeezed my eyes shut. I could hear him sucking on his finger again, devouring the mixture of cum and blood, and then his face descended again, drinking deeply. His tongue lapped and his lips sucked, and then he groaned and his body shook. I opened my eyes and watched pleasure change and relax his features.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at his jeans. A dark wet spot was spreading across the fly. I met his eyes. There wasn’t a trace of embarrassment, only lust.

He licked his lips, removing the trace of blood that lingered from his feast. I watched with fascination as he bit the tip of his finger, and then pushed it back inside me with amazing gentleness. The tenderness subsided immediately, leaving only the pleasure of having him inside me again. I stared at him with heavy eyes. “Thank you, that feels so…..good!” My voice was quiet, choked with desire.

He stood up and shucked his jeans off, kicking them to the side. I couldn’t look away. His body was amazing. Powerful arms connected to his sculpted chest, which morphed into deeply indented hips. His strong legs framed his magnificent erection, proudly on display. I looked at his finger, and then at his cock, which was easily four times the diameter. There was no way that thing was going to fit inside me.

Eric gave me a cocky smile as I openly admired his lean form. When he bent down to pick me up, my whole body responded to the feel of our skin touching. He carried me down the short hallway, depositing me on a bed on the far side of the room. I pulled the light blanket and top sheet down and disappeared between the sheets. I hid my face, suddenly overcome with nerves.

“Why are you hiding?” His voice was gentle, yet urgent.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m afraid I won’t be very good…..” Eric climbed into bed next to me.

“Shhh,” he touched my lips to stop me from going on, and then his mouth was on mine again, and he was pulling the sheets away from me, exposing my skin to his waiting hands. His fingers rubbed and kneaded, sending warm waves through my muscles. He guided one of my hands down until my fingers brushed against his cock. He showed me how to hold him, how tight to squeeze, and after a few quick movements, my palm was covered with precum, which made my hand move fluidly across his silky skin. I learned what he liked by watching his body respond and listening to the sounds he was making. He was moaning and thrusting into my hand, trying to hold onto the control that was slipping out of his grasp. I rolled onto my side so I could use both hands, rubbing the velvety head against one palm while my other hand worked his shaft. With a quiet moan and another shudder, Eric came into my hand, filling my palm. His cock twitched, softened for a second, and then sprang back, pushing forcefully against my hands.

This was definitely different than the story Becky was telling her friends during lunch last week, (which I legitimately overheard) about the last time she and her boyfriend had sex. She called him a one-trick pony, implying that he was never ready for a second time after only lasting a minute and a half. Her friends had awed in sympathy, and knew from their thoughts that they had similar experiences. I was sad for her too.

Eric reached to the side table and handed me a tissue, which I used to wipe my hands. As I cleaned myself, his fingers found my wet slit, pushing inside delicately, checking to make sure I was healed.

“It’s Ok, Eric, well….better than Ok,” I said with a little embarrassment. With that, he rotated his wrist, spiraling his finger until it found what it was looking for. His finger flicked the smooth hard spot inside me, rubbing little circles over it, while his thumb brushed my clit. The combined pleasure was so intense I thought for sure I would pass out.

“I just love a woman capable of keeping up with me,” he said, his words penetrating the lusty fog that settled over my head, opening my eyes and making me ready for more. I writhed against him, silently begging him for more. His fingers moved in unison, this time, I screamed his name. He flashed me a fangy smile and captured my bottom lip between his teeth, his tongue pushed inside my mouth and followed the same rhythm of his finger. I reached out again and grasped his cock, following his pace and pumping harder and faster until I screamed again.

“Oh my god, Eric. I need more.” He had awakened something deep inside me, and I had no idea if I would ever be able to get enough to placate my appetite. I tugged on his dick, pulling him closer to me, brushing the head against my inner thigh.

Eric rolled until he was hovering over me. He pulled his finger out slowly, rubbing my slit with my slippery cum. The head of his cock replaced his finger, pushing and spreading my lips. I lifted my hips off the bed, nudging him an inch inside. I stilled and took a deep breath, willing myself to relax and let him in. My breath came out ragged and uneven. With considerable force, he pushed inside me slowly, my pussy strangling his cock with each little thrust.

“So hot. So tight,” he whispered next to my ear.

His massive dick pushed against every inch inside me, stretching my body in the most delicious way. Breathe. Just remember to breathe….

With each breath, my body adjusted to his size, and finally, he was in all the way. His hipbones dug into my thighs, and then they were gone as Eric slowly pulled away and out of me. This time he thrust into me faster, making me grunt as I adjusted again. As I neared another orgasm, I lifted my head so I could watch his shiny dick disappear inside of me, over and over again.

Gone were my hesitation and his patience. Eric was kneeling now, and I lifted my hips to meet each brutal thrust, and screamed my release. “Ugh..” was all he managed to get out as I squeezed him with each powerful contraction. He continued to thrust through my orgasm, amplifying and prolonging the sensation. After what seemed like an hour, my body stopped twitching and I slumped helplessly against the bed.

Eric lifted his knee and guided my right leg between his knees. This new position twisted my body, so I lifted my left leg and wrapped it around his left hip, until I was laying on my right side. He caressed the round globe of my ass, giving it a little spank, appreciating the pink mark his fingers made. I wiggled against him, feeling desire rise in me again.

Satisfying my pleas, Eric rocked his hips forward, burying his cock even deeper inside me than before. I twisted my body farther until I was almost face down, clutching his knee with my thighs as he fucked me hard and deep. In this position, the head of his cock brushed that lovely spot he found with his finger, so each thrust made my world a little lighter as I got closer to my climax. I clutched the corner of the mattress with my fingers, stretching my arms over my head to hold on. My breast was exposed and bounced as he pounded into me, which was apparently too much for him to resist. With one hand he squeezed my breast, and with the other he caressed my ass, anchoring himself to me as he neared his own release. He growled and slammed into me one final time, sending me careening over the edge, spiraling into oblivion. I was so far removed from reality that I didn’t even scream when he leaned over and sank his fangs into the base of my neck, pinning my body to the bed as his dick swelled and spilled deep inside me. He moaned against my skin as my blood spurted into his mouth. His hips moving erratically, thrusting until he was done feeding from me.

I wasn’t sure if it was the amazing sex or the unexpected blood donation, but something had left me light-headed. Eric peeled his body off of mine, releasing my neck with a wet pop. I twisted back to face him and smiled dreamily, despite his blood-smeared mouth.

It took at least five minutes for my pulse and breathing to normalize. Eric snuggled next to me, caressing my heated skin and licking the wounds on my neck. It tickled and I had to smack him away with one of my floppy hands more than once. He laughed and sighed.

“Oh god, Eric. That was really amazing. Is that what sex always feels like?”

He had a smug grin on his face.

“I’ve heard stories from girls at school….they never talk about sex like this. I think you may have ruined me for sex with anyone else!”

“Good. I’m not a fan of sharing.” He was staring intently at me.

“Does it mean something?” I asked, touching the base of my neck. “That you bit me?”

“I should have warned you that sex for me isn’t the same without a little taste.” It wasn’t exactly an apology. “It means you are mine.”

“What like I’m your property now? I did not sign up for that!” I was pissed off, and he knew it.

“Calm down, and think about it a different way. You just said you wouldn’t be interested in anyone else…..”

He had a good point. As amazing as sex was, it was just too complicated with humans, and he was the only vampire I knew: and he happened to be a drop-dead gorgeous, witty, and hung vampire. I had no room to complain.

“Ok then, if you’re going to be with me, what’s the difference? I cannot deny my nature, and after the little taste you gave me last week, it is all I have been thinking about. I had to indulge myself.” Again, it wasn’t so much an apology for biting me as it was an explanation for why he did it.

“If I’m only going to be with you, then where does that leave you? A free agent, on the prowl to knock the socks off of every girl you meet? I’m not sure I like the idea.” If I was going to be exclusive with him, it wasn’t too much to ask for the same in return.

“There you go, asking me to break another rule. I haven’t practiced monogamy for over a thousand years, and you expect me to just pick it up again?”

“You’re a thousand years old? Good lord, I had no idea how ancient you were! And yes, monogamy should be like riding a bike, once you know you can do it, you can do it again.” I smiled at him sweetly.

“Does it mean I get to ride you whenever I want?” His hands cupped my hip, tugging my body closer to his.

“Or….I could ride you….” I said in a whisper, embarrassed by my brazenness.

“What a splendid idea. Giddy up!” He said as he patted his hips, and stroked his cock to show me how very ready he was for more.


Oh….there’s more. Believe me.

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17 thoughts on “Confetti: Chapter 3

  1. ljhjelm says:

    I love Sookie a girl of action. Who wouldn’t jump on that Viking. LOL


  2. lana01 says:

    Anyone who doesn’t love the crazy internet passion of youth that sookie is going through in this hasn’t been there. I left a shift at my job as a waitress one night at 18yo with a gorgeous French gypsy, he was so hot it hurt to look at him, I thought there was no point because he would never talk to me. Next thing I knew he came to me brushed my hair from my neck and whispered in my ear, that if I was a free woman I would drop everything and go with him. So I did. We drove an hour, and sa on the beach all night, lord was it worth it. Didn’t even get his name until sunrise, had no reason to ask.


    • What an amazing story!! And of course, I totally agree with you. That passion and intensity that comes with being young is like nothing else. My pulse races just thinking about the emotions that controlled me when I was 16, 17, and 18. Nothing like it!

      I’m so glad you could relate and enjoyed the story so far (well, at least I hope you did!). Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂


  3. lana01 says:

    Anyone who doesn’t love the crazy intense passion of youth that sookie is going through in this hasn’t been there. I left a shift at my job as a waitress one night at 18yo with a gorgeous French gypsy, he was so hot it hurt to look at him, I thought there was no point because he would never talk to me. Next thing I knew he came to me brushed my hair from my neck and whispered in my ear, that if I was a free woman I would drop everything and go with him. So I did. We drove an hour, and sa on the beach all night, lord was it worth it. Didn’t even get his name until sunrise, had no reason to ask.


  4. romantic2soul says:

    I admit to saying this story was fast paced but it was meant in the best possible way. I love the heat, the passion, and the inhibition you portray so well in this story. Nothing in this story makes Sookie slutty in any way. She was overwhelmed by attraction to one person. It’s not like she went out looking for someone or anyone just for the sake of sex. Slutty means you will sleep with anyone regardless of who it is, that is desperation and that is not what this story is about. I feel sorry for anyone who has never let themselves get swept away by their feeling. Maybe that is not always a good thing but sometime it is the best thing in the world. I love your writing screw the haters.


    • Thank you for that love. Honestly, I have run into a few haters with my stories, and with this one, I just want to shake them and ask them if they really don’t remember what it’s like to be 18 and meet a hot guy. It is one of the best things about being a crazy teenager, those overwhelming hormones that make us do stupid things! 🙂 Thanks again! 🙂


  5. honulvr says:

    Seriously?!? Haters? What is there possibly to hate? I think instead of calling them haters we can just call them dumbasses and leave it at that. You … I read your stories and I seriously just want to walk down the street and find the first decent looking decent smelling man that can bend me over. Not to mention, you label your site as SVM erotica. If someone has a problem with the erotic part they are a dumb ass. This is fiction people! If they are denying that there is a part of themselves that doesn’t want to be able to just go fuck a gorgeous sexy man straight out of the gate once in awhile they are also liars who lie to themselves in addition to the world. How horrible life would be if we weren’t allowed to be a little slutty with hot vampires in our fictional fantasy world. LOL! let me get this straight, they only want romantic sex … cough cough I mean making love … in their vampire erotica?!? Now my stomach is hurting from laughing at the dumbasses.


    • To be fair, when I first published this story, Sookie was 17, and then I got a message from a devoted fan who said the FFn police search out ‘pedophile’ stories. So…I changed her age to 18, which magically makes it all better. I guess. Some people want teenagers to take it slow, but hell, I never did. I think there are definitely some cases of underage kids being taken advantage of by an older person, but that is not the case in this story. Eric’s just the lucky vamp Sookie chooses to be with. Nothing wrong with that. Well, except for the people who find something wrong with it because she’s young. If anything, the people who warned and begged me not to let them consummate have taught me to steer clear of teenage lust stories, even though they are near and dear to my heart. I’ll just go with of-age Sookie and stick to it. 🙂 Thanks for the dumbass rant. I do so love to hear someone who shares my beliefs in teenage lust. 🙂


  6. geenakmom says:

    Good Lord a Girl I think you broke me with this chapter. Soooo Frickin GOOD!!!


  7. chileah says:

    wow that was a damn hot chapter.


  8. Tree says:

    I appreciate your an before this chapter. Nothing wrong with a girl knowing her own mind and going after what she wants. Societal rules can go screw themselves, in a matter of speaking, lol.


    • When I posted this fic on originally, I got a lot of heat about Sookie being ‘out of character’ or ‘too young’ to know what she wanted. Nope. Not if she’s anything like I imagine her to be. Can you imagine running into Eric at a night club when you were 18? Sign me up! LOL. Thanks for the lovely review!


  9. theladykt says:

    Glad she isn’t shy about tell him what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


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