Confetti: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I spent the entire weekend thinking of him. And then again all week long, while I was supposed to be discussing American Literature and History in school, and then on my way home from school, and while I was at work at the pool. I hoped no one needed a lifeguard today, because my mind wasn’t focused at all. Thinking of him actually made it easier to block out the thoughts of others, which was a welcome break from the normal onslaught of everyone’s images and words filling my head. I was relieved school would be ending soon.

I thought about him the most at night, when I was alone in my bed, well almost alone. I don’t think Tina counts as someone sleeping with me! I kept my windows open to let the cool summer night air flow through my room, and a few times I imagined that I heard noises outside my window. A woosh of air and the sound of something walking on the grass outside, both of which could have been made by the mean ol’ tom cat that gave Tina a run for her money. I never thought much about it, and fell into a restless sleep easy enough.

The dreams I had were so vivid and so erotic that I had woken up in the middle of the night several times on the verge of release. Disappointed that it had only been a dream, I would finally manage to go back to sleep after a quick orgasm at my own hands. I knew other girls my age were having sex, and I had heard that it was scary and sometimes painful, but overwhelmingly amazing. I longed to have experiences of my own, but it was impossible. I knew waaaaay too much about the boys in Bon Temps, and it would only take me a few minutes to be turned off by everyone else. Except him.

Friday couldn’t come fast enough, and before Hadley and I planned on meeting, I went into town and found a dress to wear, spending a good chunk of my lifeguard paycheck. It didn’t matter though, and when I slipped out the back door I wore it under my loose sundress from work. Tonight, Hadley and I had told her mom and Gran that we were staying at the others’ house. Hopefully they wouldn’t call each other.

Hadley was waiting at the same spot down the driveway, far enough that Gran couldn’t see us. She held out a bag of clothes for me to wear again, and I shook my head. I pulled the sundress off and watched a smile spread across her face. It was a baby-doll dress, with a scoop neck and empire waist. The top of the dress was shiny crimson satin, held in place by spaghetti straps, and the skirt was black, and flowed in layers to the top of my thighs.

“Did you meet someone last weekend?” Hadley asked staring at the sexy dress suspiciously.

I blushed and pressed my lips together. “You did!” She accused. “Well…..?”

I shrugged, “Tall, blonde, older….if he even exists.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know! One minute we were kissing, and then I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was gone.” I didn’t elaborate details as to why I went to the bathroom. There was no need for Hadley to think about a mystery cut on my tongue.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you were kissing someone? Damn Sookie! I’m so proud of you!” She was beaming at me.

I beamed right back and clapped my hands, “Can we go now?!!” Hadley laughed and threw the car into first and took off.


The same guy was watching the front door. As we approached, he whistled at my dress. “Welcome back Cousin. Hadley, you stay out of trouble….” He teased, and let us enter again without paying.

True to his word, Stephan was on the balcony waiting for her. Hadley turned and looked at me, shouting over the music, “Are you sure you’re alright? Do you see him?”

I scanned the room and didn’t spot him anywhere. I shook my head and motioned for her to go to Stephan, smiling to reassure her. I hoped it would just be a matter of time before the man of my dreams would appear.

I danced and enjoyed myself thoroughly, finding a small group of girls that invited me to join them. Hadley and Stephan really seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

The DJ mixed in a new song, a deep pulsing beat, like a heartbeat, filled the club. The same Nine Inch Nails song came on, and made me flush at the memory of my mystery kissing man.

I gasped in surprise as I felt strong, possessive hands on my hips, pulling me back away from my new friends, towards him. I craned my head to look at him. Even with heels on, he towered over me. His blonde hair had been pulled back, exposing the angular cut of his masculine cheekbones. I smiled when our eyes met, and melted into his grasp. He returned the smile but kept his lips together, the smooth pale skin stretched over his bumpy teeth.

“I was hoping you’d be here,” I said as he moved our bodies in time to the music.

He leaned over and put his lips against my ear, never missing a beat of the music with his hips, and said, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He inhaled deeply and said, “You smell like sunshine.” His body shuddered and his grip tightened.

When the first chorus of “I want to fuck you like an animal” boomed through the small room, he held my hips with one hand and pushed my back away from his body with the other until it was parallel with the floor. My hair cascaded around my face, swaying with the beat of the music. My ass brushed against the massive bulge in his jeans, shocking me with a jolt of pleasure. I brought my body back up, and moved my face close to him and sang along, “I want to feel you from the inside.” He growled, sending a rumbling vibration through my body.

The dance floor filled with a thick white haze from the fog machines strategically positioned in all four corners. The dance floor flooded with air too thick to see through, and he took the moment of privacy to squat behind me, and trail his fingers up my naked thighs, disappearing under my skirt. His fingertips brushed against my swollen sex, causing my whole body to convulse against him. As he came back up to a standing position, he pushed against my body, scraping the inside of my thighs with his straining cock. My heart raced, and I was panting. When the speakers transmitted the second chorus, I bent in half, holding my ankles as he ground against my ass. The skirt fell forward, and wasn’t quite long enough to keep my panties covered. He took advantage of the exposed skin, caressing the edge of my panties with his thumbs as his fingers held my hips against him. I lifted my upper body back up, whipping my hair across his chest. I had no idea what had come over me, this was not the kind of thing I ever did. I struggled with the idea that I was supposed to behave, and dancing with a stranger like this was not lady-like in the least.

He sensed my hesitation and pulled my shoulders tight against his chest, pinning me against the rock hard wall of muscle. He whispered part of the song in my ear “I drink the honey, from inside your hive…..”

My body went limp. Desire overtook any remaining duty to be a ‘little-goody-two-shoes.’ I turned to face him, spinning in his arms, until he was cradling my back with one arm and my ass with the other. I locked my arms around his neck, and looked in his eyes and said, “Who are you?”

“Eric,” he answered simply and pulled me in to another of his searing kisses.

I was breathless, and pulled away, panting for air. He remained calm, staring intently at my face. I suddenly remembered my manners and said, “I’m Sookie. Pleased to meet you.” I didn’t offer him my hand, since they were locked behind his neck, instead I closed my eyes and tilted my face up to his, offering another kiss now that I had caught my breath.

This kiss was sweeter. Slower. Eric was more intent on exploring the curve of my lips, and the taste of my tongue. He pulled away again, to let me breathe, leaving me glossy eyed and dazed.

“I have been dreaming about you,” I mumbled. He smiled and said, “I know.” I cocked my head to the side and wondered what he meant by that, but before I could ask, I saw a glint of sharp white teeth.

Joking with him I said, “Oh my Grandma, what sharp teeth you have.”

Eric leered at me and whispered, “The better to eat you with my dear.” I giggled until I saw how long his sharp white teeth were.

My body tensed with the fright that comes with seeing something abnormal, especially this close. He moved fast, almost too fast to see, and tightened the grip around my body, “You mustn’t be alarmed. I will not harm you.” For some reason, I believed him and relaxed again.

“Ooookaaaay….what are you?”

“This is not the place to have this discussion. First, you need to tell your friends that I will be taking you home.” He held his hand over his heart in a chivalrous gesture that said ‘you can trust me’ but the look in his eye said, ‘I want to eat you.’ I had never been more intrigued and turned on. “I’ll be waiting by the entrance.”

“And I’m supposed to just trust you, and leave the safety of a place filled with people so we can ‘talk’?” I knew I should be cautious, but the way my heart raced when he looked at me told me to throw caution to the wind and leave with him.

He nodded.

I pulled away from him and climbed the steep steps up to the balcony. Hadley was straddling Stephan’s lap, holding nothing back. The comment she made on our way here about the nickname for this club seemed fitting, she had called it ‘Come-fuck-me’ and now I understood why. I was surrounded with couples making out with such force it seemed as though their bodies would ignite.

I tapped her on the shoulder and was greeted by a face of lust and anger, at being interrupted. She smiled weakly when she realized it was me. I leaned close and said, “He’s taking me home!! I’ll call you tomorrow!” Hadley smiled and squeaked with delight. Stephan groped her ass to remind her that he was still there, so I left them in peace and ran for the front door.

Eric was leaning on the wall, waiting for me, just as he said he would. He was so confident….almost cocky. His eyes danced over my body, not hiding his desire at seeing me come back to him. He held out his arm and asked, “Shall we, m’Lady?” I laughed out loud and hooked my arm through his. I must be crazy to leave this place with someone I barely knew. Crazy felt really good.

Tucked in the corner of the parking lot, was a corvette. Crimson. The same color as the satin of my dress. I knew it had to be his, even before we started walking towards it. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and opened my door for me. I sat down, tucking my dress around my legs so it wouldn’t get stuck in the door, and gasped when I noticed he was sitting next to me already. “How did you do that?”

He smiled, but did not answer me.

I smiled. “So….now will you tell me?”

“Only if you tell me what you are,” he answered.

“I asked you first!” I crossed my arms across my waist, pretending to pout, which made my breasts jiggle in the low cut dress. This movement did not go unnoticed by Eric. I cleared my throat, and raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to make some lame excuse to explain why he was staring. He didn’t.

“Those are very distracting. I cannot be blamed.” I laughed again. I found his honestly refreshing, and his wit sharper than his teeth.

Eric brought out something very sassy in me, and I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “That’s very distracting, but you don’t see me staring. Do ya?” I made one sweeping motion that covered his entire body, which was folded neatly in the compact seat of the corvette.

Now Eric raised an eyebrow and said in mock surprise, “This? Distracting?” His fingers quickly undid the buttons holding his black shirt closed. He tugged the bottom of the shirt out of his jeans and let the material fall on either side of his sculpted chest. I reached a hand out to touch the creases that defined each muscle, and was surprised by how cool his skin was. My hand felt feverish against him. He stifled a moan as I explored his chest, his eyes on me, waiting expectantly. Was I supposed to say something or do something? He took my hand and placed it over his heart, leading me to a clue that would reveal some truth he wanted me to know. I pressed my palm against his skin and did not feel the usual hammering of valves and the wooshing of blood. I pulled my hair away from my left ear and leaned across the armrest that separated us, I put my ear to his chest and listened. There was not heartbeat.

“Just a little bit lower….” His laugh startled me, rumbling through his silent chest and into my ear. I pulled away from him, confused.

“I don’t understand….”

“Well, if you go just a little lower, you will find another part of me that’s just itching to get out and meet you in the flesh….”

I smacked his chest and smiled at him, “Not that. Pervert. I meant your heartbeat. Or lack of one….”

“Oh that.” It was all very blasé for him, but I was shocked to say the least.

Cool skin, sharp teeth, and no heartbeat. “Oh my god, are you a vampire?”

Eric nodded, giving me a look that said, ‘it’s about time you figured it out.’

“For real? Like Anne Rice? Vampire’s exist? What the fuck?!” I gasped and covered my mouth. That would have cost me a dollar at home. Gran was diligent about enforcing the rules of the cuss jar.

“Yes. I do enjoy her work. I happen to know the vampire her ‘Interview’ was based on.”

“So last week….when we were kissing, and something cut my tongue. It was you?” It all made so much sense, and relief washed over me. In a world where vampires existed, I wasn’t so unusual. I wondered what else existed from stories: werewolves, witches, demons, elves, fairies, leprechauns, and zombies? Suddenly I felt very normal.

He nodded again.

“Let me see them,” I demanded as I leaned across the seat again getting close enough to inspect his teeth. He smiled and showed me a mouth full of perfectly straight pearly white blunt teeth. I jumped when I heard the ‘snick’ of his fangs. I got closer and touched one with my finger, and like an idiot, I pushed the tip of my finger against the tip of his fang, breaking the skin instantly and painlessly. His hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, keeping my finger in his mouth. He sucked deeply and moaned. The sound of his obvious pleasure stirred something inside me, sending a new flood of moisture to my panties. His nostrils flared and he relaxed his grip on my wrist, letting me have my hand back.

“It takes every ounce of willpower in my being to stop myself from eating you and fucking you when you smell like that and taste so good. You are absolutely delicious. Now you….what are you?”

“A lifeguard,” I answered casually. “In the fall, I’ll be a senior in high school.” I looked down at my finger and found the wound closed and healed, just like my tongue. That’s handy. Eric was staring at me intently, waiting for the truth. “Oh that.” I mimicked him, making him smile. “I’m a telepath.”

“Oh, so that probably explains why I couldn’t glamour you. Your brain isn’t like other humans.”

“Do what to me?”

“Get into your head, force my thoughts on you, and make you think they are your own.” I was shocked that he would lower himself to such a disgusting tactic. He defended himself and said, “Believe me, it is usually best for everyone. Not you though. I have never met anyone like you.”

“I have never met anyone like you either. We’re quite a pair aren’t we?” I smiled at him brightly.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” He motioned to his fangs.

I shrugged, “The way I see it, you could have killed me already if you wanted to. Therefore, you must not want to.” I knew from the look on his face that I had guessed the truth.

“Can I kiss you again?” He asked. Nothing would have given me more pleasure, well, nothing that I knew of, so I leaned towards him, meeting him in the middle. Our lips played in a familiar way, my tongue finding his fangs and stroking them, being careful not to cut myself. Eric’s hand fell to my lap and moved fluidly to my thigh, brushing his thumb against my heated skin. I opened my legs for him, inviting him to touch me. Needing him to touch me.

The moment his finger found the damp spot in the center of my panties, a moan escaped our lips. I had never felt so good. Oh god, I wanted him so badly! Something possessed my hand to move down his chest, to the bulge in his jeans. My palm pressed against his cock, making his hips rock against me. My inexperience was obvious, yet he didn’t seem to mind. His hips jerked up, thrusting into my hand. I felt raw power surge through me as I controlled him.

He pushed one long finger inside me, and stopped abruptly. “You’re a virgin?” He asked, surprised. My face felt hot as a dark red blush crept across, settling in. I nodded and looked down.

He pulled his finger out of my pussy, and my eyes followed his movements as he brought his finger to his lips, sucking it deeply into his mouth the same way he had mine. His cock twitched under my hand. “I could cum just by thinking of how you taste.” He wasn’t disgusted with me….he was delighted.

“How do you do that? How do you make me feel so normal?” Eric shrugged and pushed the same finger back inside me, testing the limits of the tissue that remained intact all these years.

“Do you want more?” His eyes were dark, filled with desire.

“Will it hurt?” I asked, my voice quavering from lust or fear……maybe both.

“Yes, but I can heal you. I would like to take you to my house.” There was urgency in his voice now. I nodded, giving him the signal he had been waiting for. He licked his finger clean again and his body shuddered, then the car started and he shot out of the parking lot fast enough that I held onto the door handle for dear life, forgetting all about sex and lust for a few terrifying moments while he drove. Luckily, his house was only a few blocks away.


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13 thoughts on “Confetti: Chapter 2

  1. ljhjelm says:

    I love this story.


  2. Love this scenario. I wish it were a much longer story!!!


  3. romantic2soul says:

    Love this story. It is so fast paced and fun.


  4. honulvr says:

    Damn! You do it to me every friggin’ time! How on earth can you … I came home sick from work today and decided I couldn’t hold off on starting The Tilted Kilt any longer. I’m sitting there, on the train, with a horrible stomach ache. Yet… all it takes is a chapter or two from pretty much any of your stories and I’m wondering if even normal people can smell how wet I am! Now, here we go again! Still with the stomach ache, at least I made it to my bed, but I might have to change the sheets even though I’m all alone and I haven’t reached the actual sex yet in either story! You’re awesome at the writin’ of the sexin’ let me tell ya!! I am hoping that they actually get to the sexin’ in the next chapter, but apparently it doesn’t matter. I am with you in the whole reminding me of my crazy youth and I am with the previous commenter that said they wished this story was longer (but I pretty much never want you to end any of your stories and that just isn’t realistic so I’m just happy that you have the fanfiction and the real fiction all as options these days). I’m sure I’ll have to do another long rambley comment after another chapter too, but thank you for the blast from the past that this one is. Although, unfortunately none of those guys turned out to be vampires… one of them was very close to being Zeus or Adonis though (6’7″ long blond hair and nothing but muscle and a gorgeous face with blue eyes…. Damn!! I miss those days sometimes, things were much simpler then).


    • This one definitely takes the cake. Best review ever. 🙂 I loved the days of carefree clubbing, and getting to rub against hot guys. Maybe I was naughty, or maybe it’s just the freedom of being 16, 17, and 18. Nothing as magical as those ages. Really.

      On a side note, I am SO sorry you went home sick, and of all the stories to read while recovering, why in the world would you read this one? 🙂 I guess if you like to be all hot and bothered and pukey then it’s good, right? I just hope you’re feeling better.

      Thank you so much for the love for my stories. Your flattery will get you everywhere, you know! I’m so glad you enjoy the stories I put here, and have the time to share your love with me. It means so much to me, and I hope you know how much I love hearing from you. Reviews are what keep me writing, and with readers like you, I’ll be writing forever. 🙂


  5. geenakmom says:

    Oh holy moly this chapter awesome!


  6. chileah says:

    OH my god losing your virginity to the viking damn. I mean my first time was with well he was 6’5 blonde blue eyed and swedish so I was close to a viking. mmmm but not like Eric.


  7. theladykt says:

    Guess her age doesn’t matter to him. Of course age of consent is 16 in many states.


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